Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Wed Apr 26 13:37:04 CDT 2006

Hi guys,

For some time now, I have been visually tracking the visible passes of the
ISS. It had occurred to me that there must be a better way to get good visual
alignment on the predicted spot where the ISS would appear over the horizon. 

Last summer, I attended a 'Star Party' late in the evening, out near
Warrenton. The host used a handheld green laser pointer to visibly guide the
gaze of the observers in the right direction to see what celestial object he
was talking about.

I recently found this article, about C.L.I.V.E. Just what I've been looking
for. Though CLIVE has been built specifically to guide observers to the very
bright flashes (3-8 seconds in duration) of Iridium satellites, it would work
just as well for ISS or other objects too!

Problem is, ... I think nowadays you'd be visited by the FAA, and quite a lot
of other organisations with TLAs, (Three Letter Acronyms: You know what I
mean...) if you started intentionally or accidentally shining green lasers
into the cockpits of the ISS or any other aircraft/spacecraft!

Iain   KI4HLV

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