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>Problem is, ... I think nowadays you'd be visited by the FAA, and quite a lot
>of other organisations with TLAs, (Three Letter Acronyms: You know what I
>mean...) if you started intentionally or accidentally shining green lasers
>into the cockpits of the ISS or any other aircraft/spacecraft!
>Iain   KI4HLV

Your thinking is correct.  There was recently a newspaper article 
about somebody
who got busted for shining a green laser into the cockpit of a 
commercial airliner.
It was done during landing, when the perp had a clear shot into that 
window, but
there might be some unhappiness if green lights pointed at aircraft 
at any altitude.

Whether a handheld laser would reach the altitude of the ISS, or 
whether the TLAs
would have an interest, I is still open to question.  Anybody have an idea?

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