New problem on 144.390 (APRS) in our area

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Tue May 9 18:24:48 CDT 2006

>Someone in this area ... is re-broadcasting what 
>sounds like UIVIEW callsign voice announcements 
>onto 144.390MHz.

This is trivial to locate using the feaures built into APRS
omni-direction finding.  All we need are REPORTS as
you suggest:

> If you do reply, I need to know three things:
>(a) YOUR location.
>(b) a rough description of YOUR setup: (1/4 wave at ground level, or >collinear at 140feet AGL ??)
>(c) signal strength, and/or bearing of the voice announcements. 

Actually if UIview had inclluded PHG in all stations and 
had included the APRS omni-direction finding report
this would take only seconds and we would have a 
solution in seconds.  But since UIview left all that
fundamental APRS stuff out, we have to do it by

I will use APRSdos to plot the data and derive the
solution if we can get the manual reports above.
Here is how:

1) Change your call to an unused SSID so that
the offending station sees it as a NEW call.
Send a few packets.  If you dont hear it, then
your report is ZERO.

2) The standard APRS OMNI-DF report is
a subjective signal strength between 0 and

3) Report your antenna gain and Height above
average terrain.  Report any favored or blocked

4) Report your LAT/LONG.

Like I said, all this except for the SIg report is
in everyone's position report already (except
for UIview users) so this should have been

My next email will show the map so far based on 
only two reports I have seen.  Mine and Iain's.

Bob, Wb4APR

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