Hydrogen fuel cell

Robert E.Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Tue May 16 09:07:34 CDT 2006

Robert Stratton <bob at stratton.NET> writes:

> All that having been said, it's probably cleaner (and safer) than some of
> the other PEMFC companies who want you to run your cell phone off of a fuel
> containing methanol, high molarity sulfuric acid, and peroxide.

now *that* sounds fun!  (see below)

> For the 10 kW and up class, there is some very spiffy solid-oxide technology
> on the horizon.

Does the "fun quotient" of the solid oxide technology for off-label
uses look promising?  As many warnings as I've heard about Li-I
technology, I have yet to see a practical demonstration of their
"unappproved" uses.


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