Hydrogen fuel cell

John Teller jsteller at spottydog.us
Tue May 16 21:41:01 CDT 2006

We're designing Li-I batteries into pretty much all the new satellites 
at Orbital.  Since these are much larger than the little ones cell 
phones use, and since these are not equipped with fuses (just another 
point of failure) they are quite dangerous.  When mistreated they don't 
so much explode, as burn very quickly.  It seems thermal runaway with 
these batteries is nearly instantaneous.  They don't like being shorted 
when fully charged, over charged or too deeply discharged.  The last 
produces an irreversible chemical change that results in thermal runaway 
should a recharge be attempted.

UL approved batteries are equipped with circuits that disconnect a cell 
that is about to be overcharged, or short it out if has been too deeply 

--- JST

Robert E.Seastrom wrote:
> Robert Stratton <bob at stratton.NET> writes:
>> All that having been said, it's probably cleaner (and safer) than some of
>> the other PEMFC companies who want you to run your cell phone off of a fuel
>> containing methanol, high molarity sulfuric acid, and peroxide.
> now *that* sounds fun!  (see below)
>> For the 10 kW and up class, there is some very spiffy solid-oxide technology
>> on the horizon.
> Does the "fun quotient" of the solid oxide technology for off-label
> uses look promising?  As many warnings as I've heard about Li-I
> technology, I have yet to see a practical demonstration of their
> "unappproved" uses.
>                                         ---Rob
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