Flurescent lamps ?

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Tue May 23 10:51:17 CDT 2006

Urban legion ?

I have mixed them in the same fixture with no problems. The older ones
liked to be
mounted vertical and argued if mounted horizontal. All the overhead
in this house is on the same breaker and there is a mix of both types
with no problems


On Tue, 23 May 2006 08:45:54 -0400 Andre Kesteloot
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> Gang,
> A lighting designer is a person who helps you designing the right 
> lighting for your new home, etc. She does not necessarily know 
> anything 
> about electricity, but supposedly knows the best place to install 
> spotlights, etc., to make a dramatic difference to your rooms.
> Te other day, a lady lighting designer, whom we happen to know 
> slightly, 
> claimed that experience had taught her not to put a regular 
> incandescent 
> lamp and one of these new fluorescent replacement lamps on the same 
> circuit, even if these is no dimmer controlling that circuit, 
> because 
> the fluorescent bulb will often die instantly.
> Has anyone ever heard of this ?
> If it is true (I haven't tried it yet), is there any valid 
> explanation 
> for this phenomenon ?
> 73
> André N4ICK
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