Rogue carrier on 144.390MHz: The story CONCLUDES...

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at
Wed May 24 20:46:39 CDT 2006

This is a quick note to advise you that the rogue 'talking' carrier on 144.390
has been removed.

The location was identified using strong-signal DF techniques, followed by a
drive-by with no antenna on the rig, and finally by comparing street addresses
with FCC databases.

The transmission of the UIView voice appears to be due to an option which was
unexplainedly changed on the station's UIView installation. This station has
been set up as a Digipeater for some years using UIView, AGWPE, a vox device,
and a 65watt transceiver.

For anyone else experimenting with UIView as a digipeater, please go to
Setup/Miscellaneous/ and ensure that the box labelled "Synth callsigns" is NOT

The station's location was within about 6000 feet of the tentative location I
had identified during my weekend adventure driving around the
Landover/Cheverly area. The final location was determined by a local Ham in
the area who assisted with the close-in search. 

Thanks for your interest and support, and especially the stations who sent
'heard' or 'not heard' reports in the early part of the exercise. 

I've certainly learnt a lot during the exercise. 

Best regards,

Iain McFadyen   KI4HLV

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