Microsoft to add BPL support to Windows networking

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>Intellon Works to Include HomePlug Powerline Enabled Products in Home
Networks Managed by Windows Rally 
>23 May 2006
>Wireless News
>Intellon, a provider of HomePlug-compatible integrated circuits
>(ICs) for home networking, networked entertainment and broadband over
powerline (BPL) applications, announced that it is working with Microsoft
to make HomePlug-enabled routers and access points that incorporate Windows
Connect Now technology to configure both their wireless and HomePlug
security settings with the Windows Vista operating system. 
>At WinHEC, Microsoft will show how Windows Rally Technologies can manage a
hybrid network using a prototype high-performance HomePlug router/wireless
access point, based on a reference design for Ubicom's StreamEngine 5000
Communications and Media Processor (CMP) and Intellon's HomePlug AV 200
Mbps (PHY) powerline communications IC. 
>"Windows Rally is a new suite of networking technologies in Windows Vista
that allows Windows Rally-enabled networking devices to be more easily
managed and configured within the user-friendly Windows Vista environment,
improving the overall user experience," said Scott Manchester, Program
Director for Windows Rally. "One of these technologies, Windows Connect
Now, enables simple configuration of network security settings. Extending
this capability to products using HomePlug powerline communications is an
important step." 
>Andy Melder, senior vice president of strategic business development for
Intellon, said, "Making it easy for HomePlug standards-based products to
work with the new Windows Rally Technologies continues our commitment to
taking the mystery out of home networking. 
>Products using Intellon's HomePlug powerline communications are already
remarkably easy for consumers to set up and use. Windows Rally will take
this to a whole new level, making it possible to quickly set up, enable and
manage networks using a combination of HomePlug powerline and wireless
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