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United Telecom Council (UTC) has removed all restrictions on access to the
BPL Interference Resolution Web site. In cooperation with the United Power
Line Council (UPLC), UTC administers the database, which FCC Part 15 rules
mandate be "publicly available." Ever since the database debuted last
October, the ARRL has taken strong exception to access constraints UTC had
imposed. These included limiting searches solely on the basis of ZIP code
and rationing the number of allowable searches. In February, the League
filed a formal complaint with the FCC, demanding the Commission order UTC to
"cease its arbitrary limits" on access to the database. ARRL Chief Executive
Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ, said the League was happy to hear that UTC now
has eliminated search limits and posted all BPL system information.

"We are pleased that UTC finally has seen the merit of our arguments in
favor of making the database truly accessible," Sumner commented. "This
can't possibly hurt, and can only help everyone focus on the real issue: the
avoidance and prompt correction of harmful interference to
radiocommunications from BPL."

The UTC BPL database still offers the ability to search by ZIP code.
Somewhat less prominent is a link to the entire database in ZIP-code order.

The League also has complained to the FCC that the BPL Interference
Resolution Web Site database contains inaccuracies and is incomplete,
although UTC has made some improvements since the ARRL raised the issues.
That complaint is still pending.

The UTC's decision to modify its BPL database came two days after its
representatives and a representative from Duke Power met May 17 with FCC
Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) staff to address "changes to the
database concerning the search limits." ARRL representatives recently
further discussed the League's perspective on the same subject with OET

UTC Director of Regulatory Services/Associate Counsel Brett Kilbourne on May
19 informed Acting OET Chief Julius Knapp that it was revising the BPL
database "in the interests of resolving the complaint without further
dispute." UTC asked the FCC to dismiss the League's complaint "without
further action."
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