Electronics Calculators - Inductance, Air Core L calc, RC time constants, Ohms Law, Resonance

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 From David Ring, N1EA
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Below there are links to various types of calculators 

Java Script Calculators

Resistor Color Code Calculator
Another Resistor Color Code Calculator
Ohm's Law Calculator
Voltage Divider Calculator - Solves voltage, current, and power dissipation
L or C Reactance Calculator - capacitive or inductive reactance and resonant 
frequency. Passive series RLC networks, for reactance, impedance and phase 
RC Time Calculator - R and C values for given values of time or 
instantaneous voltages.
RL Time Calculator - R and L values for given values of time or 
instantaneous current. LED Series Resistor Calculator - Finds series 
resistance needed for various series LEDs.

The Electronics Calculator Website - Several calculators for Ohm's law, 
capacitor or inductor impedance, tuned circuits and RC time constants.

Several JavaScript Calculators by John Owen. - Audio op-amp filter, Op-amp 
circuit, Decibels, Zener Diodes and more...

Air Core Inductance Calculator - Calculates number of turns and layers 
needed for air core inductors.

Gregorian Calendar - Displays any month from Oct 1582 forward.

David Ring, N1EA

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