questions for the august group...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Sat Jun 17 12:44:30 CDT 2006

>>> "Mike O'Dell" <mo at> 06/17/06 12:57 PM >>>
>is amrad doing anything for field day?
>...that i can pair with my new TM-D700A APRS dual-bander??

Please consider setting uyp your D700 on 145.01 as an
APRS TEMPn-N digipeater for Field Day.  See:

We have to operate on frequencies and igipeaters set up
only for field day.  Hence using the path of WIDE7-7 and
145.01.   Park it on a hill too!  Or connect to your base station
antenna for the weekend in the shack..

Bob, Wb4APR

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