AMRAD Field Day Operations

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AMRAD will be operating Field Day 2006 with the Loudoun Amateur Radio 
Group.  We will be using the AMRAD van for the VHF/UHF station.  
Essentially we will put up the mast with a stack of 6 meter, 2 meter and 
a 440 MHz beams. 

AMRAD needs to provide some operators over the Field Day 2006 period so 
anybody wishing to operate please let me know and we will get you a time 
slot.  While the HF ops are rather fast and hectic, the VHF/UHF are a 
bit slower and more laid back.  Here is your chance to break into 
contest operating without being thrown into a raging pileup.

During the coming week a few things will be getting fixed.  The 110VAC 
inverter generates some hash even up at 2 meters so we will be getting 
the inverter quieted down with a better ground, some ferrite beads and 
perhaps more.

We will be fabricating a gin pole arrangement to pull up the tiltover 
rotor mount.  This was a problem at the Marine Corps Marathon when we 
assembled the antenna stack with the rotor and mast tilted over.  It was 
hard to get all that pushed up.  With the gin pole the 2 meter and 440 
MHz beams will be attached to the mast, the stack tilted up with the gin 
pole and then the 6 meter beam attached.

Field Day 2006 operations will be on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 
25.  The location is Banshee Reeks, a nature preserve in Loundoun 
County.  Banshee Reeks is south of Leesburg.  Directions:

Take U.S. Route 15 South from Leesburg. Approximately 1/4-mile South of 
the Leesburg Bypass, turn left onto Route 621, Evergreen Mills Road. 
Proceed South along Evergreen Mills Road about five miles. Turn right 
onto The Woods Road (Route 771). Proceed down The Woods Road for 
approximately one mile. Entrance to Banshee Reeks is on the left.

More detail is available at

Frank K0BRA

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