Spam ? - Re: AMRAD Field Day Operations

Frank Gentges metavox at
Mon Jun 19 15:22:42 CDT 2006

Sure,  Here are the coordinates.  I got them from a map and not from 
actually being there with a GPS but it should be close.

Evergreen Mills Road and Woods Road
N 39 deg, 1.614 min, W 77 deg, 34.898 Min

Woods Road at entrance to Banshee Reeks
N 39 deg, 2.182 min, W 77 deg, 35.472 min

I hope this helps.

Frank K0BRA

w3qx at wrote:

> You wouldn't happen to have latitude/longitude to the second for the 
> point Rte 771 and the park entrance--and be able to post it--would you?
> Thanks

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