Field Day preps

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Fri Jun 23 21:20:07 CDT 2006

Taco eaters,

I have gotten the van pretty much prepared for Field Day.

The original inverter created hash clear up at 2 meters.  I tried to 
quiet it down and it seemed like it just got worse at times although it 
did seem to improve after some effort but not as much as I wanted.  I 
now have a 400 watt unit from Tripp based on germanium output 
transistors also installed for Field Day.  It is much quieter.

The 100 foot of hard line that George Lemaster donated has been cut into 
two pieces and connectors have been attached.  Now we can run hard line 
for 440 and 2 meters or whatever else we might want to use it for.  We 
will try to scrounge up some pig tails to go around the rotor and the 
into the radio from some of the LARG folks. 

A gin pole arrangement has been made up that should make it easier to 
tilt up the rotor and mast after it is assembled.  It will use a rope 
from volunteers on the ground to tilt it up.

Tom, WB3AKD, The VHF/UHF team captain will try to fill in the gaps and 
feels some of the LARG members can help to get the antenna stack 
assembled and up.

I have made up a PVC pole that is 11.5 feet tall that a walker can use 
to insure the AMRAD van can make it under low hanging limbs etc on the 
final part of the drive.  I will need some help with this.

We will be at the lab around 9 AM Saturday and will depart shortly 
thereafter for the Field Day site at Banshee Reeks.  See


for directions. 

In addition to the AMRAD van we will be taking out my own van and we 
need someone to drive it out to the site.  I have a generator and other 
things in my van that we will need out there. 

We will try to get up a radio on 147.21 simplex for talk-in once we get 

Finally,  LARG puts on a very nice pot luck dinner on Saturday night and 
AMRAD members are most welcome and can bring their favorite dish.

Frank K0BRA

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