DSL Filtering

Roger Geesey rg213st at covad.net
Mon Jun 26 10:32:31 CDT 2006

I'll appreciate any help with answering these DLS filtering questions.  
Out here, QWEST tech support only gives the stock reply that "every 
attachment to the phone line needs a filter."

Q1: Is one filter good for a daisy chain of several phone connections on 
the supposition that the chain only adds up to about 1 ringer-equivalent 
and that only one phone would be off-hook at a time?

Q2: Can the whole house line be split at the entry point into an 
unfiltered direct connection of the DSL modem and a single filter for 
all the other service?

Q3: Does a filter block the DSL high frequency stuff from the phone, or 
does the filter block stuff from phones and other equipment from getting 
back into the DSL modem?

Q4: What might be special about the phone line connection of a security 
monitoring system?

Q5:  Does DSL add any special considerations to RF EMI issues?

Thanks for your help.

I hope your AMRAD field day was good.  If there are any digital photos, 
I'd appreciate receiving a couple.


Roger Geesey

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