Terry Fox tfox at knology.net
Sat Jul 1 09:17:11 CDT 2006

Andre, please forward this to tacos, it probably won't go directly.

Thought I would send a quick note saying that we made it safely to Charleston, and are busy unpacking.

The weather here has been great, unlike there in DC.  We've only had one day of rain since we have been here.  But it has been hot, mid-90s.

The new shack has been coming together, I found most of the radios and electronic equipment.  I haven't hung any antennas yet.

I did visit with the Charleston Amateur Radio Society (CARS) last weekend for Field Day.  They were set up on the Yorktown aircraft carrier.  They seemed like a good group, and they have a set of linked repeaters around the area.  I'm not sure of the techncial interest, but they have over 150 members here.

All for right now.
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