We have a pet!!

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oops, my old email was wb4jfi at cox.net, not erols.com...

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  Thanks to Sandy, who sent the article about the alligator grabbing a dog here in Charleston.  To show that they are not uncommon around these here parts, please find the two pictures, taken a couple days agon.  We have named our new pet Sammy!  He shows up every other day.  Last Sunday, he was in our yard for over four hours, yesterday he was here for only a couple hours.  I guess he had a Fourth of July party elsewhee to go to.

  Maitland, if you haven't already, can you add wb4jfi at knology.net address to BOD and tacos, and delete the wb4jfi at erols.com?  I will also need to change the other lists, but I can do that.  After thinking about it, maybe all you need to do is change wb4jfi at amrad.org, and that will change the rest automatically.  I plan to drop the erols stuff in the near future.

  I strung up a 30ft wire inside the shack, and am listening to 40 meters.  I have a cheap tuner, and it seems to load up, but I haven't tried a contact yet.  Next week I plan to put up at least one 40 meter and one 20 meter dipole in the attic, pointing in the general direction of DC.  I am using my old Icom 720 for HF, and an old Kenwood or Icom 251 for two meters.

  Can someone forward to tacos, if it doesn't automatically make it? Thanks.

  The shack is starting to come together, except for the computers.  I need to run a cat-5 cable under the house to move Judy's computer out of the shack, and that sounds like too much work so far.  I hate crawl spaces in 90-degree weather.  I am currently using an old server computer, just to do email.  The two good machines are still packed away in boxes.

  Paul, can you send me an email directly so I can get your email address.  Turns out that my Outlook doesn't have it, just emails through the reflector.

  That's it for the moment.

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