We have a pet!!

Richard Barth w3hwn at comcast.net
Wed Jul 5 20:45:09 CDT 2006

If that's the kind of alligators you have down there, I'll take the 
two meter variety.

At 07:08 PM 7/5/2006, you wrote:
>Thanks to Sandy, who sent the article about the alligator grabbing a 
>dog here in Charleston.  To show that they are not uncommon around 
>these here parts, please find the two pictures, taken a couple days 
>agon.  We have named our new pet Sammy!  He shows up every other 
>day.  Last Sunday, he was in our yard for over four hours, yesterday 
>he was here for only a couple hours.  I guess he had a Fourth of 
>July party elsewhee to go to.

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