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I will actually be in the area that week but not planning to attend.

> Subject:   Amateur Radio Convention QRN Lite Extra
> From:   "W Page Pyne" <wa3eop at>
> Date:   Sat, July 8, 2006 11:01
> Hi Guys and Dolls-  Below is a copy of the press release that Bob
> Long furnished Verna Brown of Emergency Management to enlighten
> first responders about ARA's convention event.
> While all that is well and good I wanted to make a few comments
> directed directly to our QRN Lite Readers.
> Don't take this convention lightly. This is a major event for the
> Antietam Radio Association and for amateur radio in the Maryland
> Area. There is a chance that an event of this historic magnitude
> for amateur radio will be a first and only for the Hagerstown area.
> Those of you who will miss coming from your local club when you
> could have been there are really shortchanging yourself.
> This is a three phase event with the on-site convention, the grave-
> site service and the display of two excellent communication centers
> outside the church.
> Your modest $5 admission charge is for the inside on-site convention
> only. The other events are free and open to the public.
> Regarding the on-site convention:
> We are honored and so lucky to have a fine mixture of forum present-
> ers for this one shot in Hagerstown happening.
> We have local talent with great forums.  Stu Benner for example gave
> a preview of his presentation at the Hagerstown Hamfest. It was
> excellent. Those who missed it will get a second chance. Stu's forum
> is the only one of the 15 to be presented that has been done as a
> topic in the Hagerstown area before. Because of its excellence is
> why your convention committee is pleased to bring it again at 1 PM
> on July 29.
> Local talent will bring you several other forums we think will
> interest you greatly.  Keep in mind, the main reason ARA decided to
> host this convention was to bring a great experience to you our
> members. The host of others expected to attend are our invited
> guests.
> At 9 AM the convention starts with a bang. I'm personally looking
> forward to Eldon Geiman's presentation on Shortwave Radios from
> the Golden Commercial Era. Maybe its because I got started before
> that era ended. But local talent will be involved in another 9 AM
> forum as well.
> The Forum on the YL System I'm told will be presented by Bill Drager
> and Richard MacWilliams, K3CDQ. Bill you all know. Like me he has
> been around a long time. Dick is an expert on the YL System and Bill
> is an active member there. It should be noted that this forum makes
> history itself as it's the first time any convention anywhere has
> had a presentation on this topic.
> The other 9 AM forum on MARS has nothing to do with the Space
> Program but describes the Military Affiliate Radio System and is
> expected to detail ARMY MARS more than the others. ARA has some
> members that participate in MARS. K3FCC and W3NHR are two I recall
> immediately. Steve Creekmore, KC3S our presenter here is from
> Frederick so local talent is involved in all three forums that
> launch the special 2006 Edition of the MD State ARRL Convention.
> At 10 AM we have perhaps our most technical forum of the day. Yes,
> it's more local talent, Carl Morris, whom most of you know, (like
> Bill Drager another past ARA President), will give a forum on Soft-
> ware Defined Radio. Carl and Peter Hughes are two club members who
> both dabble in that. Carl will let you know what software defined
> radio is all about. Maybe its something you would like to try.
> Also at 10 AM we have two other excellent forums and the average
> attendee will almost be flipping a coin to decide which of the 3 to
> attend. Bob Rose, AA3RR is the adult counselor to the KI3DS kids
> radio club. He has spoken on Youth in Amateur Radio at the mighty
> Dayton Hamvention and he has agreed to bring this topic to you in
> Hagerstown. The Anne Arundel Youth club is larger than many adult
> radio clubs in the state.
> As excited as we are about the other 10 AM forums we are privi-
> ledged to have MR. QRP himself, Ron Polityka, WB3AAL coming to talk
> about his QRP Adventures of the Appalachian Trail. Ron is extremely
> well known QRPer and a frequent speaker at Major Conventions. And
> he is coming to Hagerstown for you. Wow!
> The excitement just keeps on coming. At 11 AM we have 3 more forums
> from which you decide which you want to see. There is a chance seat-
> ing could be at a premium at most forums and the key to the best
> seats is get there early. But what about 11 AM.
> These are the last forums before our lunch break. WorldRadio Colum-
> nist and former Auto-Call Columnist and the Current President of the
> National Quarter Century Wireless Association, John Johnston, W3BE,
> will be here with a Forum on the FCC Rules. John has been an expert
> in this area for many years and he has also been a regular on the
> convention circuit. He will be here for you.
> Another forum at the 11 AM hour comes from the Potomac Valley Radio
> Club, perhaps the largest Contesting Club in the United States. Dan
> Zeitlin, K2YWE, will present a forum that is an introduction to
> contesting. Ken Claerbout, K4ZW, the PVRC Vice President is expected
> to be there as well. Those who have operated in the MDC QSO Party
> (This year August 12-13) or other contests should find this forum to
> your liking.
> Finally at 11 AM our own Bob Long (Yet another ARA Past President)
> will present a forum for any ham wanabees in attendance. There could
> be several as the Mobile Communications centers parked outside the
> church could attract several who want to know what this Ham Radio
> stuff is about.
> Noon - my what a busy lunch break this should be. Just before breaking
> for lunch, ARA will have its door prize drawings. Several small port-
> able short-wave receivers will be given away and perhaps one or two
> other prizes. That will be the official ARA prize drawings. You must
> be present in the Auditorium at drawing time to have a chance to win.
> Also at noon the ARRL MD Official Observers will meet upstairs, prob-
> ably in room 204. Other groups could meet in available rooms during
> this period if they wished. It might be a good time to check out the
> mobile communication centers outside if you are not otherwise engaged
> and a short walk to Carla's Sub Shop down Locust St. could end the
> stomach calls.
> Back from Lunch at 1 PM the on-site convention picks up steam again
> with 3 more forums.  It is still a tough choice deciding what to see
> and hear.
> Bob Josuweit, CQ Magazine's Public Service Editor will be in the
> Auditorium talking about the need to be trained and prepared for
> emergencies. Like wise, Roy Bates, another local talent and the
> MADXRA club will host an EMCOMM Forum in room 202 upstairs. Also at
> the same time Stu Benner will be giving his excellent talk an RFI:
> Find It and Fix It.
> At 2 PM the excitement continues. Wow, what a day. James Sanford is
> the manager of the Eagle Satellite Program for AMSAT. The AMSAT Forums
> typically are huge draw at any convention where they present. We are
> lucky to have him here as another huge event regarding amateur satel-
> lites is going on in Europe this same weekend. But Jim thought our
> convention was important enough that he wanted to be with us. Natur-
> ally his forum is going to be on the next generation of amateur
> satellite, the EAGLE.
> Also at 2, another technical forum, this one from the President of
> the Opequon Radio Society of Martinsburg. Mark Arnold, KB8YJV will
> present a forum for Bill Drager and anyone else interested on Simple
> Projects You might Like.
> Another option at 2 (in room 202) is the ARRL Meet and Greet. It's
> an informal 45 minute session to meet 'one on one' the various ARRL
> Officials attending your ARA hosted State Amateur Radio Convention.
> It likely will be the greatest assemblage of ARRL officials to ever
> attend a state level convention and they will be here in Hagerstown
> for you to meet and greet them. Officials, both elected and appointed
> from the National, Regional and State Levels should be there.
> At 3 PM we may learn what overcrowding is all about. This is the time
> when all eyes will shift to the Auditorium for the final on-site
> presentations of the day. Featured will be ARRL 1st Vice President
> Kay Craigie with the convention keynote address. Kay is a great lady.
> I've spoken with her several times over the years. Also Atlantic
> Division Director, Bill Edgar is expected to have comments. I'm also
> told that during this period there will also be one or two awards
> given out and that ARRL will draw for their door prizes during this
> time frame.
> After this is concluded by 4 PM (hopefully a few minutes before),
> the motorcade to Rose Hill Cemetery will commence for the final
> activity of this full day of amateur radio. (Line up in the alley
> behind the church for the motorcade.)
> Below is the press release
> ....................................................................................
> MD State Amateur Radio Convention comes to Hagerstown.
>      The Hagerstown Based Antietam Radio Association will host the
> first American Radio Relay League affiliated Maryland State Amateur
> Radio Convention to be held in Hagerstown on Saturday July 29, 2006.
>      This historic event has 3 primary components which differ it
> from previous regional amateur radio conventions.
> 1. The convention itself will feature numerous forums between 9 AM
> and 3 PM Hi-lighting various aspects of amateur radio.
>        9 AM - Golden Age of Short-wave Radio's
>                       The Young Ladies Radio System
>                       The Military Affiliate Radio System
>       10 AM-   Software Define Radio
>                       Youth in Amateur Radio
>                        Low Power Operating (QRP)
>        11 AM-  The Federal Rules and Regulation (Update)
>                        Introduction to Contesting
>                        Getting into Amateur Radio
>         Noon -  Lunch Break
>                       (Possible meetings of regional organizations)
>         1 PM-   Field Day Is Not Enough (Emergency Preparedness)
>                       Radio Frequency Interference (Troubleshooting)
>                       Emcomm (Emergency Communications Forum)
>         2 PM-   The Eagle (Amateur Satellite to be Launched)
>                        Simple Projects You Might Like
>                        Meet ARRL Officials
>         3 PM-  ARRL Keynote Forum (Kay Craigie, ARRL 1st Vice President)
> 2. Public Display of Emergency Mobile Communication/Command Centers
> 1. The City of Laurel will have on Display in the morning hours and
> Possibly over lunch break its "City on Wheels" Mobile Communications
> Center. This mid size van is a rolling ICS Command Post for emergencies.
> 2. Anne Arundel County shows what one million dollars in Homeland
> Security Funding can do with its huge Mobile Command Post. This unit
> can replace the county/regional communication's HQ needs with satellite
> linking and other technology in an emergency. It is a showpiece of
> emergency preparedness and includes operating positions for radio
> amateurs and for police, fire and other emergency dispatch.
> (Although a $5 admission is charged for those attending the convention,
> there is no charge for early responders to tour either vehicle the
> morning of the convention.)
> 3. Graveside Memorial Service.
>           At the conclusion of the Main convention about 4 PM or
> slightly thereafter, there will be a memorial service in Rose Hill
> Cemetery to honor Hiram Percy Maxim, a co-founder of the ARRL.
> Convention registration is not necessary to attend this service.
> The MD State Amateur Radio Convention itself will be held at Otterbein
> United Methodist Church, 108 E Franklin Street Hagerstown. Registration
> for those attending the convention proper should start by 8:30 AM in
> the Church Auditorium.
> It is anticipated the Com Vehicles will be parked in the lot beside
> the church on the Locust Street Side next to where the Pizza Shop (and
> before that Harry Cromer's Store) was.
> At the web site you can find more details on the
> convention. This is not expected to be an annual event in the
> Hagerstown area.
> Karin Christensen, KB3GFV <dilbert3 at>, and Page Pyne,
> WA3EOP <wa3eop at>, are co-chairing this activity for the
> Antietam Radio Association, a club with over 50 years' activity in
> Hagerstown.
> ARA is an ARRL Special Services Club and also sponsors the Annual MDC
> QSO Party and an annual Hagerstown Hamfest. The club also is active
> with the local Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and the Amateur
> Radio Emergency Service.

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