Siting of Dr. Suding

Terry Fox tfox at
Sun Jul 9 14:40:28 CDT 2006

Well, I was playing with PSK-31 this afternoon, trying to figure out how to set TX levels, when I happened on W0LMD, Dr. Robert Suding, on the air.

For those amrad old TImers, Robert was once an AMRAD member, and lived in Great Falls for a while.  He was owner of The Digital Group, a pioneering microcomputer company, that built computers that could run 8080, Z80, or 6800 CPUs, just by switching the CPU card.

He came to one early AMRAD meeting and demonstrated The Digital Group Computers playing the national anthem and other songs through an AM radio, by "modulating" the computer buss.

He is also into astronomy, and had his own (large) telescope while in Virginia.

Just thought you all would like to know....
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