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    A good use for regenerative braking. Electricity generated by 
braking is doubly efficient and you can avoid the drag of the panel.  
Anyway I believe most cars these  days suck down a lot of amps running 
all the electronics needed for a modern engine to function.  Could a 
small panel provide the juice? I think a good place to jump in the train 
is the first U joint after the transmission. On the up power side it 
would be in a fixed location relative to the tranny so power take off 
would be mechanically possible with a pulley (if you bolt the alternator 
to the tranny/engine).  Seems you could wire the voltage regulator right 
to the brake peddle (brake light switch?) which would simplify control.  
Under engine power you would freewheel the alternator. You would 
generate juice only when braking. How could you calculate pulley size?
    I think we have a lot of "Iron" on our roads.  Stop gap measures 
will be needed till we can retool. Hams know some electricity and most 
certainly have a  history of tinkering, which puts us in a good position 
to help.

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>> Alex Fraser <beatnic at comcast.net> 07/14/06 12:10 PM >>>
>> Anyone on list running on vegetable oil?
> No, but I would like to join a list on do-it-yourself
> electric and alternative cars.  I'd love to find a source 
> for shortened autombile fan belts so I could remove
> my alternator and just charge the battery on sun
> power.  Would save 2 or 3 MPG...
> $4 gas, global warming,... the end is near...
> de WB4APR, Bob
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