need to raid someone's junk box (NoVA/DC)

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Sat Jul 15 13:56:48 CDT 2006

I am in immediate need of qty three c13/c14 cables (the kind that you
used to use to chain a Sun monitor off the back of something like a
Sparc 20).  A metre or two is fine; shorter could be problematic.

Unfortunately, trying to find such a thing around here is a losing
proposition, let alone on a weekend.  I had some but pitched them on
the basis of their uselessness.

You're welcome to foist off other junk equipment on me at the same
time as I take these, not to exceed an order of magnitude more by

Thanks in advance, anyone who can hook me up will earn my eternal (or
at least for the next couple of months until early senility causes me
to forget) gratitude.


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