Spam ? - HF Link Wide Area Project

Richard Cramer rwcfl at
Sun Jul 16 13:25:50 CDT 2006

This is especially to Hal and Terry, and other interested parties:

I am now back in FL, West coast.   How do we want to start this 
project?  I think your suggestion Hal, to initially establish a primary 
and secondary voice channel is a good start.  I would suggest 17M as 
primary and 20M as secondary.  If everyone is an Extra I would suggest 
that segment because of the likely hood of less QRM or the frequency 
segment of the highest privileges of the people in the project.  I wait 
to here your suggestions.

Hal, the Linux ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) code is at  My suggestion would be to use 
this as our base.  I either has or has the capability of voice, data, 
QoS data that we discussed a Tippy's.  Please also reference Dr. Brain's 
site at  The code on 
sourceforge is his.  There is a very good possibility that he would 
release the current code to us considering the prestige of AMRAD, 
Terry's and AMRAD development of AX.25, etc., etc.

I am of the opinion that whatever we develop we need both voice and 
digital modes (read email) both routed over radio with TCP/IP.  Most all 
major radio systems for state emergency management, law enforcement, 
state and federal forestry  either have TCP/IP based radio and  dispatch 
or are working with vendors  to achieve same.  The state of Fl has this 
both for FHP and FDLE and this past year has been installing TCP/IP 
based radio for all dispatch centers and mobile command centers. 

Awaiting your response.

Dick /N4YDP

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