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Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 12:46:27 CDT 2006



Genesis-1 now appears in the Celestrak database, and our first opportunity to
see a VISIBLE pass in the McLean area is Saturday night 22 July, 21:52 (0
degrees, grazing the horizon), followed by:

23rd, 21:49 (1 degree max elevation)
24th, 21:47 (2 degree max elevation)
25th, 21:45 (3 degree max elevation).... and so on with higher elevation and
earlier AOS times, culminating at peak elevation on...
4 Aug, 21:22 (76 degree max elevation).

If anyone is interested in a text file list of all the relevant data for the
next month for visible passes of this new 'hotel experiment in space', let me
know and I'll forward a file.

I don't believe there is any amateur Radio payload on board :-(  . Hence the
"OT:" marker.

Maybe we should position the AMRAD van, with generator, outside the Spacequest
HQ in preparation for future launches.

Iain   KI4HLV

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