Kenwood TM-D700 configuration question...

Mike O'Dell mo at
Fri Jul 28 18:09:58 CDT 2006

ok, i have a Garmin GPS-16HVS already wired-up to a DB9
connector compatible with a standard
PC serial port. it even gets its power from the DB9
dataset signals, thank you very much.

i've been slogging through the D700 manual trying to sort out
whether it's possible to use the D700's DB9 serial port
for the GPS and not have to kludge-up some stupid thing
with a 2.5mm tinyjack and an additional power cable.
i wouldn't mind getting out my pin extractor and moving
them around if required.  however...

if said kludge is *required*, then someone at Kenwood needs to die
before they design again.


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