Kenwood TM-D700 configuration question...

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Sun Jul 30 13:58:09 CDT 2006

My vote would be for RJ45 with the de-facto standard pinouts like
Sun/Cisco/Adtran/Xyplex (*not* rs-232D).  A rollover cable is a null
modem.  Works like bear claw charm.


"Robert Bruninga" <bruninga at> writes:

> Mike
> but no matter how you do it, the pins would not be right.
> The GPS's with a DB9 plug into a PC set up as a DCE.
> The radio is also designed to plug into a PC so it has a
> DB9 configured as a DTE.  So even so, its a no-win
> situation.  There has to be a tweenee to reverse the
> pins.  and a DB9 to DB9 tweenee is a lot bigger than
> the sub-mini...
> It is frustrating, but that has always been the problem with
> DB9's sexuality...
> Bob
>>>> "Mike O'Dell" <mo at> 07/29/06 8:55 PM >>>
> Bob,
> Point taken.
> i certainly have no beef with supporting
> compatibility with the D7 - that's a wonderful idea.
> however, since the D700 does have a DB9 serial port,
> and it's not uncommon to be using a GPS with
> a PC via a DB9, being able to use the DB9
> directly (instead of needing a KludgeKable)
> would also seem to make a lot of sense.
> 	-mo
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Mike, the GPS connector on the D700 is the same sub-mini
>> as on the D7 HTso you can use your same GPS whether
>> mobile or hiking.  That makes more sense than putting a
>> DB9 on the side of the HT!   Bob
>>>>> "Mike O'Dell" <mo at> 07/28/06 7:09 PM >>>
>> ok, i have a Garmin GPS-16HVS already wired-up to a DB9
>> connector compatible with a standard
>> PC serial port. it even gets its power from the DB9
>> dataset signals, thank you very much.
>> i've been slogging through the D700 manual trying to sort out
>> whether it's possible to use the D700's DB9 serial port
>> for the GPS and not have to kludge-up some stupid thing
>> with a 2.5mm tinyjack and an additional power cable.
>> i wouldn't mind getting out my pin extractor and moving
>> them around if required.  however...
>> if said kludge is *required*, then someone at Kenwood needs to die
>> before they design again.
>> 	-mo
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