Experimenter hf net organizing

hal hfeinstein at cox.net
Mon Jul 31 20:30:50 CDT 2006

Dick Cramer and myself are beginning to organize
an hf experimenter net whose purpose is to support
both voice and data experiments in the hf band. 

We would like to work in the 17meter band, on 18.140
and a second channel (not yet chosen) in the 20m band.

The ideas of this net is to bring together hams interested in
building and performing hf communications experiments.
At some point we would like to automate this process
to use unmanned automatic "robot" stations that receive
their orders over hf and listen and collect data transmitted
by an experimenter. But until we can design the robot
participating hams can collect the data and send it back to the experimenter
for analysis.  If collection software is required the experimenter
is responsible for writing these routines and distributing them
to participating stations, perhaps via a designated web site.

I have talked to several hams about the network and they
said they are willing to participate, at first as collection stations
for other experimenters and then as experimenters themselves.

The main purpose of the net as a "platform" for
experimenters.  And second, but equally important purpose,
is to allow the participants to understand the
experimenter's approach, the technology and how
the experimenter will use the data collected by net members.
I don't know yet how to support this part
of the net but it is just as important for participants to understand and
comment upon the experimenter's approach as is the experiment itself.

This week we are starting to assemble equipment and antennas
for the 17m and 20m channels and in a short time we will initiate
trial contacts between members in NoVirginia, SC and Florida to
get a better idea of the propagation.  Paul R has provided us
with an VOACap propagation model to use for this purpose.

Perhaps one of the first experiments will be to test out an
idea of using turbo code FEC on hf to see how noisy the
path can get and still allow relatively error free communications
to get through.

Net participants who have expressed  interest include
Dick Cramer  rwcfl at NOSPAMearthlink.net    florida
Hal Feinstein  hfeinstein at NOSPAMcox.net     No Virginia
Terry Fox      wb4jfi at NOSPAMamrad.org     Columbia S.C

Several others have spoken to me about participating.
If your interested please drop a line to Dick, Terry
or myself for the latest info.
(delete the NOSPAM to reply to the address)

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