Spam ? - Re: Experimenter hf net organizing

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Tue Aug 1 09:32:20 CDT 2006

Hal and all,

Count me in.  I would like to contribute as I can.  My lab is available 
as needed to check out gear, signals etc.  I do have an HF active 
antenna here at the lab as well as at home.  I also want to put up a 
good HF wire antenna at home and will be asking for help in September. 
That should be a step forward to get on the air.

Sounds like fun if we can get critical mass.

hal wrote:
> Dick Cramer and myself are beginning to organize
> an hf experimenter net whose purpose is to support
> both voice and data experiments in the hf band.
> We would like to work in the 17meter band, on 18.140
> and a second channel (not yet chosen) in the 20m band.

I think 40 meters might also work well on the DC to FL path.

snip snip

Frank K0BRA

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