40 meter dipoles are up

Alex Fraser beatnic at comcast.net
Sat Aug 12 17:56:57 CDT 2006

During the day try listening to ECARS on 7255 MidCARS on 7258 and SCARS 
on 7252. It's a good way to get a feel for the band.  At night 7255 
becomes the Night Hawks after the foreign broadcast goes away.

Terry Fox wrote:
> Ok, well we had a cool day here (finally), 75 degrees and raining.  
> So, I went into the attic (still hot up there), and put up two  40 
> meter dipoles.  One facing generally toward DC, and the other one 90 
> degrees off.   The DC one was a real pain to install, due to house 
> layout, but has a very low SWR.  The other one was easier to install, 
> as it went across the rafters, but the house is a little shorter, and 
> the ends droop down.  On that one, I cannot get the SWR down, and it 
> resonates about 7.35MHz.  About 2:1 at 7.2MHz.  I tried to add wire, 
> but the SWR goes up and the resonance stays at the same place 
> (wierd).  Could be due to rain on the bricks outside.   Tried them 
> real quick, not much difference between them on some signals, great 
> difference on others.  I was able to talk to a guy in PG county on the 
> DC one, during some local MD/DC QSO party going on.   So, it looks 
> like I may have a path to DC on 40 meters.   Next comes putting up a 
> wire loop, and using the new MFJ 993B tuner to work other bands, like 
> 17 meters.   More as it happens.... Terry  
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