Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Thu Aug 17 23:00:10 CDT 2006

Will Russell wrote:
> Andre,
> Just in case, I retained a fax line on copper. Actually, I only signed up
> for the FIOS internet service, but the TV is sitting there in the box
> outside my back door.  No problems with the FIOS phone (don't know about
> alarms).  It does lead me to think about going to Voice Over IP at a
> significant savings over retaining the telephone features from the old
> copper line. (It seems like that's what Verizon is really doing with the
> voice FIOS.)
about VoIP, my son Lawrence wrote to me today:

"I wanted VoIP to replace my landline, I didn't want to pay for both.
But VoIP couldn't send faxes reliably.  So I had to keep my landline
anyway for faxing and therefore got rid of VoIP.  It had some nice
advantages, like free voicemail, call waiting, etc., infinite free
calls in the US and Canada.
There were some other disadvantages.  If you were uploading or
downloading a lot of data, the sound quality deteriorated very
quickly.  It didn't work when your Internet connection went down or
your power went out.  There was uncertainty about whether 911 would
know where you are.  We were with Vonage, and they've been losing
money since they started and are losing customers. "

> Another potential reason to keep copper is that the FIOS box works on a
> battery, which will eventually discharge if there is a major power failure.
> Albeit, one may have other sources, such as back up generators.  Believe
> this is a similar situation should one choose Cox phone service, but have no
> personal experience.
> Will, KM4VJ
thanks, Will for the detailed response. Do you know anyone who has 
signed up for the TV deal ?

best regards
André  N4ICK

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