Fw: [emc-international:414] PLC status in Japan

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Wed Aug 23 04:41:50 CDT 2006

Gang, fyi. Paul

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>Subject: [emc-international:414]  PLC status in Japan
>Although we have been fighting against PLC interference issues in Japan
>for more than 5 years, The Japan Amateur Radio League finally decided to
>accept MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japanese
>administrative office on telecommunications)'s regulatory plan shown below;
>The proposed permissive values are very similar to class B equipment
>provided in CISPR 22: no field strength values but common-mode currents
>on 16[dB] LCL power line are provided.
>It is very easy to estimate that the possible field strength from
>'indoor' PLC system is much greater than man-made noise level in
>business area provided in Rec. ITU-R P.372-8.
>JARL will say "APPROVAL OPINION" at the Radio Regulatory Council's
>hearing today.
>Therefore, I cannot continue my activities against PLC interference
>issues as a member of JARL Technical Board on Electromagnetic
>Environment anymore: I will resign the Board member today.
>My presentation handout at the 4th JARL Technical Symposium (held on 20
>August, 2006) is placed at the following URL;
>I am sorry the file is written in Japanese and there is no time to
>translate it into English, but hope you can understand it.
>de JH5ESM, Cosy MUTO

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