Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Fri Sep 1 14:01:53 CDT 2006

"A. Maitland Bottoms" <aa4hs at> writes:

> However, it is getting easier to make your own: I will
> try my hand at making a Debian Live CD with AFU-Knoppix
> packages.

That's called Ubuntu, right?  <ducking>  :-)

> I am sort of bummed that AFU-Knoppix didn't include
> the rx320 package. Nor predict!

Yeah, that's weird.  They also don't seem to update very often.  afu
is at 3.7, knoppix is at 5.1.  Of course most of the recent Knoppix
activity has centered around throwing every open source package one
can possibly find onto the dvd.  I'm waiting for DoubleLayer
DoubleDare Knoppix that needs double layer DVDs to hold it.

> Start working on artwork for the CD sleeve and desktop
> background for the AMRAD Linux distribution...


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