Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Sat Sep 2 10:08:32 CDT 2006

Frank Gentges writes:
 > AMRAD may be in 
 > a better position to create a LINUX distribution for hams that DEBIAN 
 > because of our diversity and depth of ham expertise.

I think you've misunderestimated the diversity and depth of ham expertise
in Debian.

Compare this one mailing list with tacos traffic:

Have you tried all of these applications[1]? 
Filed bug reports, feature requests or patches
to improve the code?

My suggestion is that we apply our meager resources
to making Debian a better Linux distribution for hams,
and letting that trickle into the derived distributions.
Better yet, get authors of quality software to provide
source via a DFSG license so that others can pitch in
and make improvements.

Seems I can create a customized Live CD in about the
time it takes Terry to download one. So that part of
the project isn't the problem.[2]


[1] Mind that GNU Radio and other signal processing
tools aren't in the hamradio section, but are categorized
into Communications, Libraries, etc.

[2] Check out the "World Domination" charts for the Debian
Installer project:

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