Formatting issue.

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Mon Sep 4 10:02:02 CDT 2006

Same here.

We now use Outlook and I cannot get the PLAIN TEXT to actually give plain text.  It word wraps where I dont want it to, it capatilizes every work after my CR's.

gosh darn it, if I want a stupid computer to think for me, I'd ask.  But if I dont want it to mess with me, then it shouldnt!!!  Darn program.

I am typing this as very short
lines that are only about six
words long each.  it looks just
like I type it on my screen, but
usually comes across as M.S. crud
when I get my copy back.

Today I am using the WEB version of
Mirapoint, and at least it is not
appearing to be messing with my lines.

But if anyone knows how to get 
OUTLOOK to leave MY typing alone,
I too would like to hear about it.

Bob, WbAPR

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