Mail application - Thunbderbird

Richard Cramer rwcfl at
Mon Sep 4 13:33:36 CDT 2006

For those of  you experiencing problems with the MS email clients I 
would recommend using Thunderbird for a multitude of reasons.  You can 
find it from the web page.  FWIW you might as well 
download Firefox browser as well.  More secure and has more features.  
Both are FOSS software, and when and if you install your new Linux or 
FreeBSD OS it will work there too.  One last thing,  Firefoxd will 
capture your explorer bookmarks, and Thunderbird will capture your 
address book.  Now you have no reason now to switch.  What the heck,  
download Sunbird (an iCalendar standard) or Ligthning as well.


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