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Mon Sep 4 10:56:26 CDT 2006

Firefox on the Knoppix CD image works great
they have really made it better ,,, I tried it 2 yr
ago and didnt like it 


On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 11:33:36 -0700 Richard Cramer <rwcfl at>
> For those of  you experiencing problems with the MS email clients I 
> would recommend using Thunderbird for a multitude of reasons.  You 
> can 
> find it from the web page.  FWIW you might as well 
> download Firefox browser as well.  More secure and has more 
> features.  
> Both are FOSS software, and when and if you install your new Linux 
> or 
> FreeBSD OS it will work there too.  One last thing,  Firefoxd will 
> capture your explorer bookmarks, and Thunderbird will capture your 
> address book.  Now you have no reason now to switch.  What the heck, 
> download Sunbird (an iCalendar standard) or Ligthning as well.
> 73,
> Dick
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