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Mon Sep 4 14:01:03 CDT 2006


Does AMRAD want to support the Marine Corps Marathon like last year?
We are trying to get not only 9600 bps actually working this year, but
to also deploy the Icom ID-1 1.2 GHz radios to test out 128kps on the
course.   Not sure if the ID-1s would work if AMRAD was for example at
AID 2/3 this year but seems worth a try.  If we have enough ID-1s we are
considering setting up bridges to handle AID 8/9 and also perhaps AID
2/3.   I have a possible volunteer to solve the AID 8/9 path problem and
the team to put there.  I think I have a line on a person who can
possibly solve the path to AID 2/3 and if so would want to match him up
with AMRAD.  If that person is not able to help, then the question would
be are there good reflection paths at 1.2 GHz that would connect between
the hill at Iwo and AID 2/3

Several of us plan to do testing in October the weekend of 14/15.  And I
plan to do testing either the Columbus Day weekend or when the frequency
coordination team does their verification.

BTW, we also had a discussion on Saturday  on the use of 802.11 as links
as an alternative to the $6k 10GHz Icom links

I know that Maitland has Howard's ID-1 so might be all set for
1200/9600/12800 and voice for the marathon.  If you are interested,
please go sign up individually at

Below is the note that the MCM assignments coordinator has been sending

73, Tom Azlin n4zpt

---------  volunteer request ------------

The Marine Corps Marathon (October 29th) is
THE biggest and most public of public service
events we as amateur radio operators due each
year.  More then a public service event which
showcases amateur radio, we provide a key
function for the race.  Without your help we
would not be able to provide the runners with
a critical safety net.   The time to provide
first aid can mean the difference between
life and death.,  The Marine Corps is also
aware that we provide a security function
with needed eyes on the course.

Please consider volunteering and supporting
the marathon again this year.  If you can
help out,  please sign up at WWW.NCACDC.COM

Before you volunteer please consider the

If you volunteer to be on a section of the
course on Rt 110 in Virginia, there will be
special security considerations that will
require you to arrive and be in place very
early in the morning.  For those on that part
of the course, we will arrange to get you
your race packet early so you may proceed
directly to your assignment.

Those who volunteer for work at IWO,  RT-110
(VA part of the course above Crystal City),
Net Control Stations, and Check-In will need
to be on site early.  I will send out more
details as the security timeline is

PLEASE tell me what assignment you prefer, I
will make every effort to make that
assignment.  Assignments will be first come
first serve, the gear you have will also have
to match the assignment requirement.  If you
must leave early, let me know so I can make
the assignment one that is on the part of the
course that completes so you can leave when
you need to.

Those on the first few miles of the course
that overlap the finish of the course are
asked to stay until the end of the race to
provide additional coverage of those last few

Lastly, for the last several years, we have
had great weather and as a result very few
patients, but this could change.  Unlike most
amateur radio activities,  the less traffic
you have the better things are going for the

Thanks again for reading this and for your
participation in this very important public
service event.  If you have any questions
please contact me either at home
(703)317-9305 or via e-mail at RRBunn at

Rick Bunn / N4ASX

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