Marine Corps Marathon

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Mon Sep 4 15:46:33 CDT 2006

Frank Gentges writes:
 > AMRAD should be able to bring out the van for the MCM. 

I should be able to participate in preliminary Icom ID-1
DStar testing with or without the AMRAD van in the near

We should think about mounting a 1.2 GHz Yagi.

I expect to be in a position to deploy
 1.2 GHz antenna
 WD5DBC's Icom ID-1
 WRT-54G Openwrt box
 Laptop and/or 12VDC computer
 Battery power for all the above for a day.

My idea is to have the ID-1 ethernet on the openwrt WAN
port, and have the openwrt provide DHCP and network support
for the local site.


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