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Tom Azlin, N4ZPT n4zpt at
Mon Sep 4 22:01:13 CDT 2006

Thanks Frank!  Will be good to have AMRAD there.  73, Tom

Frank Gentges wrote:
> Tom,
> AMRAD should be able to bring out the van for the MCM.
> We did some limited testing with 802.11b at 2.4 GHz and directional
> antennas for an emergency exercise this summer with the Loudoun County
> EC.  Some success but one link failed to come up.  We might want to do
> further testing on this again to see if we can have it up for the MCM. 
> We will need to get some folks together for more testing and work to
> make the link setup more predictable.  I have marked down the MCM in my
> calendar so we need to figure out just what the AMRAD group will be
> doing and testing.
> I really want to make this 802.11b directional link work reliably but I
> don't think it is ready enough to use without a reliable back up.  There
> are still too many unknowns.
> Frank K0BRA
> Tom Azlin, N4ZPT wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Does AMRAD want to support the Marine Corps Marathon like last year?
>> We are trying to get not only 9600 bps actually working this year, but
>> to also deploy the Icom ID-1 1.2 GHz radios to test out 128kps on the
>> course.   Not sure if the ID-1s would work if AMRAD was for example at
>> AID 2/3 this year but seems worth a try.  If we have enough ID-1s we are
>> considering setting up bridges to handle AID 8/9 and also perhaps AID
>> 2/3.   I have a possible volunteer to solve the AID 8/9 path problem and
>> the team to put there.  I think I have a line on a person who can
>> possibly solve the path to AID 2/3 and if so would want to match him up
>> with AMRAD.  If that person is not able to help, then the question would
>> be are there good reflection paths at 1.2 GHz that would connect between
>> the hill at Iwo and AID 2/3
>> Several of us plan to do testing in October the weekend of 14/15.  And I
>> plan to do testing either the Columbus Day weekend or when the frequency
>> coordination team does their verification.
>> BTW, we also had a discussion on Saturday  on the use of 802.11 as links
>> as an alternative to the $6k 10GHz Icom links
>> I know that Maitland has Howard's ID-1 so might be all set for
>> 1200/9600/12800 and voice for the marathon.  If you are interested,
>> please go sign up individually at
>> Below is the note that the MCM assignments coordinator has been sending
>> out...
>> 73, Tom Azlin n4zpt
>> ---------  volunteer request ------------
>> All:
>> The Marine Corps Marathon (October 29th) is
>> THE biggest and most public of public service
>> events we as amateur radio operators due each
>> year.  More then a public service event which
>> showcases amateur radio, we provide a key
>> function for the race.  Without your help we
>> would not be able to provide the runners with
>> a critical safety net.   The time to provide
>> first aid can mean the difference between
>> life and death.,  The Marine Corps is also
>> aware that we provide a security function
>> with needed eyes on the course.
>> Please consider volunteering and supporting
>> the marathon again this year.  If you can
>> help out,  please sign up at WWW.NCACDC.COM
>> Before you volunteer please consider the
>> following:
>> If you volunteer to be on a section of the
>> course on Rt 110 in Virginia, there will be
>> special security considerations that will
>> require you to arrive and be in place very
>> early in the morning.  For those on that part
>> of the course, we will arrange to get you
>> your race packet early so you may proceed
>> directly to your assignment.
>> Those who volunteer for work at IWO,  RT-110
>> (VA part of the course above Crystal City),
>> Net Control Stations, and Check-In will need
>> to be on site early.  I will send out more
>> details as the security timeline is
>> developed.
>> PLEASE tell me what assignment you prefer, I
>> will make every effort to make that
>> assignment.  Assignments will be first come
>> first serve, the gear you have will also have
>> to match the assignment requirement.  If you
>> must leave early, let me know so I can make
>> the assignment one that is on the part of the
>> course that completes so you can leave when
>> you need to.
>> Those on the first few miles of the course
>> that overlap the finish of the course are
>> asked to stay until the end of the race to
>> provide additional coverage of those last few
>> miles.
>> Lastly, for the last several years, we have
>> had great weather and as a result very few
>> patients, but this could change.  Unlike most
>> amateur radio activities,  the less traffic
>> you have the better things are going for the
>> runners.
>> Thanks again for reading this and for your
>> participation in this very important public
>> service event.  If you have any questions
>> please contact me either at home
>> (703)317-9305 or via e-mail at RRBunn at
>> .
>> 73
>> Rick Bunn / N4ASX
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