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Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sun Sep 10 13:47:11 CDT 2006

 From the RSGB LF Reflector
André N4ICK

Hello all,

I have just uploaded a new version (V2.8 b8) of Spectrum Lab to my website.
New or improved features:

- Simplified colour palette selection (a list with preview bitmaps for 
all palettes)
Just click on the spectrogram colour legend to open it, and the program 
will show a menu of all available colour palettes (including Jim's and 

- Enhanced "Conditional Actions":
the states of all conditions are now indicated by green or white 
backgrounds in the definition table

- New preconfigured settings: "Bat Converter", "QRSS1" and some more (in 
the "Quick Settings" menu)

- 8-character restriction for configuration filenames (*.usr) removed

- fixed a buffer overrun which occasionally happened at 192 kHz sampling 

- Two instances running on the same PC can now communicate with each 
other, using the "send"-command.

- Fixed a bug in the interpreter command for automatic gain control (Ken 
- please check)

Note: The "PIC-less DDS control via soundcard" which was mentioned in 
the revision history didn't work properly so I removed it again .

The new version can be downloaded from here:
(use the "single-file installation" to get the newest version).

Comments, bug reports, and other feedback much appreciated !

Best regards,
 Wolf DL4YHF <dl4yhf at>

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