URM-127 Signal Generators

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 14 22:15:48 CDT 2006

Good evening everyone!

At the club meeting this evening, Frank and I mentioned the stack of signal
generators (20Hz - 200kHz) which are available, free of charge, to members of
a couple of the local Amateur Radio clubs including AMRAD.

Some of the units were distributed to good homes this evening. If the
recipients did not also pick up a CD with the manual, you can download the
manual from the link below. *The file is about 1Mbyte*. In the past, I have
found that with some versions of Adobe Acrobat, it is sometimes best to RIGHT
CLICK the URL, and SAVE the file to your Hard Drive. This appears to be more
reliable than left-clicking.


There are a couple of requests from the person who donated the signal
generators to us. They are for personal use, and he would like to see them
used in your shack, and not immediately put onto Ebay. Simple as that. We have
some people who are interested in parts and cases only, so if you picked one
up and it doesn't work, let me know: We have a home for the parts. 

I'll try to answer any questions, if you have any.


Iain   KI4HLV

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