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Terry Fox wb4jfi at knology.net
Fri Sep 15 23:08:39 CDT 2006

FYI... anothe SDR (semi-SDR?)
How's it goin in DC?  I will be there in 4-5 days for a week.  Plan to make tacos that Saturday.  Also plan to visit the ham store in Woodbridge...

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We will try this again and hope the Yahoo groups are working, this is
the fourth time I send this. Below is a announcement of a new SDR single
band transceiver kit, the receiver is a SDR the transmitter is

On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 09:54 -0700, ki6ds at dospalos.org wrote:
> I am pleased to announce that Hendricks QRP Kits will be adding a new kit
> to its lineup. Dan Tayloe, N7VE has designed a kit that will be
> introduced and available for purchase at Pacificon, and available from
> Hendricks QRP Kits immediately after Pacificon. The price of the kit will
> be $60. Mail orders and paypal orders will not be accepted until after
> Pacificon. I have asked Dan to give us a description of the new kit, and
> here it is.
> -------------------------
> The Firefly SDR is a SDR receiver combined with a 2.5W VXO transmitter.
> This combination has been optimized for cw only operation. The FF SDR
> includes a built in keyer and includes a 1W audio output for driving a
> separate cw side tone monitor speaker and a high performance, solid
> state T/R switch for full break in QSK operation.
> The first version of the FF SDR is a 30m version. The final 30m FF SDR
> prototype has 2.6W output power and has a receiver sensitivity of -128
> dbm as measured in a 500 Hz receiver bandwidth using a Presonus Firebox
> "sound card". The receiver is centered on 10.114 MHz and is capable of
> tuning +/- 24 KHz from that point. The VXO transmitter uses a two
> crystal "super VXO" configuration and nominally covers 10.102 to 10.113
> MHz, although the actual tuning range will depend on the exact
> characteristics of the particular crystals you get.
> An SDR receiver has low level stereo audio outputs and is designed to
> feed into the audio sound card of a computer. Best receiver results
> will be obtain using a good sound card such as a Delta 44, which
> incorporates a high end 24 bit analog to digital (A/D) converter.
> However, even the 16 bit A/D converters of a typical PC sound card
> should provide usable received signals although at a reduced
> sensitivity.
> It is very amazing to be able to watch activity across a +/- 24 KHz
> segment of the band and know without tuning where the signals are and
> how strong they are. You can even watch DX pileups in progress. With
> the Firefly SDR, you can tune the transmitter exactly were you want it
> (visually!) using the spot function, then jump in and go for it.
> The FF SDR controls consist of a tuning knob for the VXO controlled TX,
> a TX spot switch, a cw speed control for the built in keyer, a
> programming push button for the keyer, a sidetone monitor speaker
> output, a keyer paddle input, a I/Q stereo output which is connected to
> the computer sound card, and an antenna jack. The basic kit does not
> include a case, nor external pots, switches, and jacks.
> Again, the FF SDR has been optimized for cw only operation. The use of
> a dedicated internal keyer chip with a 1w audio sidetone speaker output
> totally eliminates any lag associated with running cw on an SDR
> transceiver.
> Other versions of the kit will be released later for 14, 18, and 21
> MHz.
> -------------------------
> Next week I will be announceing 2 more kits that will be available for the
> first time at Pacificon. Dan will be demonstrating the FF SDR on Friday
> afternoon of Pacificon at 4:30 PM. Hope to see you there. 72, Doug
> Hendricks QRP KITS: www.qrpkits.com
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