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 First, a word of caution. Crystal set building can be highly addictive 
- but also very rewarding. You have been warned. ;-)

Now that that's out of the way, let's proceed.

This site is currently the local watering hole for folks to exchange 
information and gab about whatever interests us at the moment.

Owen Pool's site is an excellent place to begin. /_Be sure to check out 
his extensive links section._/

This site should keep you occupied for awhile. Lots of good current info 
plus plans published in various magazines over the decades.

'Uncle Al' introduced a lot us to the use of torroid core coils. Very 
compact sets can be made using them.

Ben Tongue's site is a diamond mine of highly technical info. It'll take 
some time to absorb but, if the bug bites deep, is very much worth the 

Mike Tuggle's crystal set topology is the basis for many a fine DX 
crystal set. His antenna tuner (often referred to as a 'Tuggle Tuner') 
is in use in most high performance sets. BTW, the two traps Mike uses 
aren't required for operation but are quite useful if strong stations 
make it difficult to copy a nearby frequency. They're especially useful 
when DXing the broadcast band for elusive catches.

This group sprang up a few years ago and currently manage and coordinate 
the 'Crystal Set DX Contest' every year that was initially started by 
Owen Pool. One can view pictures and descriptions of contest sets and 
view the station logs.

Finally, if all this seems overwhelming and too much to absorb, you're 
right. I've been at it for many years and am still learning. One can 
obtain good performance with a very basic set and advance at one's own 
pace. However, if diligent a lot of radio theory and understanding can 
come from the effort. Good luck and remember, it's all great fun.

Oops, almost forgot to include the Xtal Set Society's home page. They 
host the forum site (watering hole). They also sell books, kits and 
variable capacitors.

Best Wishes,
Richard O'Neill

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