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--- Michael Chisena <ka2zev at yahoo.com> wrote:
>   .......
>   Ham Radio Question
>   Hi all,
>   Got a couple of needs and I don’t keep up on the ‘latest and greatest’.
> The renewal deal for another year is nearly in the bag, now is the time to
> look for some good toys that will last.
>   After many years, Ive started to get the HF bug. 
>   I’m going to try and upgrade to General Class during my next R and R in
> November. 
>   Then get an operating permit for a base station (or a mobile station) here
> in Kuwait.
>   I also need a radio that can be modified to go outside normal ham bands. 
>   We are working on a contract for supporting HF SSB radios on military
> boats. 
>   Since this is a USG base, and it’s in support of an Army task, I doubt the
> FCC will look my way if I use one radio for several tasks.
>   I also want one for general coverage Short Wave Listening.
>   It would be cool if it also covered up to about 1 GHz as a general
> coverage receiver. Something I can use as a Vhf Uhf scanner as well.
>   An IR remote control like we have on our TV’s would be a nice thing.
>   I’m prepared to lay out some serious money for such an item.
>   What I’m asking for here is advice?
>   What do you have that’s good?
>   What’s crap that needs to be avoided?
>   Do you know a dealer that will take Discover card and ship to an APO?
>   (Worst case I have a re mail service in Virginia that can do this)
>   I was looking at the AOR AR8200mkIII as a portable do everything as a
> receiver.
>   And for base duty at the office 
>   Icom 7000
>   Ten Tec RX350
>   Ten Tec 516 (yeah I know it has limits, but it looks slick) 
>   Again, this is just a pointer list, I’m willing to bet you guys know of
> stuff I haven’t heard of yet.
>   So thanks in advance
>   Mike Chisena
>   aka 
>   KA2ZEV
> "You are, what you do, when it counts"
> The Masso

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