HF Propagation Add-On for the Firefox Web Browser

Frank Gentges fgentges at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 26 08:25:49 CDT 2006

If you are using the Firefox web browser a new add-on is out. 

Jim Handcock, N0HR has written a little add-on for the Mozilla Firefox 
browser.  It creates a small box in the lower right hand corner in the 
status bar.  In that box is presented current solar HF propagation 
parameters.  It displays the current solar flux (SF), the current A 
index and K index.  Its a nice way to glance down to see how the  HF 
bands might be doing while not taking up a lot of space.  It is at 
version 0.73.6 which indicates it is still experimental.

Now, I need to keep watching and get used to how these numbers relate to 
how the bands are doing.



http://www.n0hr.com <http://www.n0hr.com>

Frank K0BRA

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