Back in Charleston

Terry Fox tfox at
Fri Sep 29 23:46:37 CDT 2006

Just to let you all (actually: all-you-all) know, I made it back to
Charleston Thursday night.  It was good seeing everyone.

I had two packages from Tony Parks waiting in the mail: one was an
additional V6.1 softrock receiver, and the other was a prototype 40 meter
exciter kit.  I just finished putting together the receiver tonite, and plan
to put together the exciter boards tomorrow and Sunday.  Hopefully over the
weekend I will get both running, and can play with the PowerSDR software
that drives the new exciter.

Sound card selection continues to be a topic of interest, I have been
reading more about them on the SoftRock Yahoo site.  I may get a couple more
cards and do some actual testing - maybe with the help of Frank.

Frank, thanks for the audio oscillators and the computer.  I tried the
oscillators, they work.  Haven't messed with the computer yet.

Hal, thanks for the loan of the SDR-1000.  I was reviewing some of the docs
for it while still in DC.  Will play with it on the air shortly.

Have fun at tacos, I'll be back in December, and emails (an on-air
contacts?) until then.

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