Soft Rock exciter update

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Mon Oct 2 07:26:58 CDT 2006

"Mike O'Dell" <mo at> writes:

> one of the things to look at closely are firewire audio
> interfaces. they are outboard pods so they can be shielded
> much better up front and they need it less because they
> are outside the RF Soup that is inside a modern PC.
> several of the SDR experimenters are using firewire interfaces.

I've got an M-Audio Transit; it works fairly well for audio stuff.  It
has the advantage of being comparatively cheap (found it for $80) as
external hardware goes, and it runs on USB.  I have had it apart once,
don't remember what shielding was like (it might have just been spray
on stuff inside the shell) but it has the advantage of not having
*any* controls on it and being small enough that it can be easily put
inside a metal box.  Get some short cables, strip out the outsides, etc.

If someone would like to temporarily borrow mine for eval purposes, I
can bring it to Tacos (not this weekend or next as I'm going to be off
on a plane).


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