Soft Rock exciter update

Alberto di Bene dibene at
Mon Oct 2 14:31:46 CDT 2006

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> Mike O'Dell <mo at> writes:
>> the head-slapper is the "digital oscilloscope" pods
>> these are USB2.0/Firewire boxes with front-ends and
>> high-quality A/D converters. they routinely have
>> decent bandwidth out beyond 1 MHz.  they aren't
>> very expensive, either, and you get an oscilloscope
>> in the bargain.  almost all of them have at least
>> 2 channels and BNC inputs.
> heh, why didn't someone think of that sooner?
>                                         ---rob

Probably because for a digital oscilloscope 8 bits of ADC resolution are enough, and 12 an overkill, which cannot be 
said for an SDR application.... with today's standards one should aim for a dynamic range of 120dB, and this implies at 
least 20 *real* bits of amplitude resolution, rarely, if ever, reached by the so-called 24-bit sound cards....

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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