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Mon Oct 2 22:26:56 CDT 2006


I am thinking of setting up a lab to test sound cards.  Generating a 
super clean audio sine wave and two tone super clean waves are pretty 
easy with what I have.  We need some digital analysis software.  In 
short, yes I will set up a sound card test bed at the lab.


Terry Fox wrote:
> According to the Flex Radio software, the soundcards currently RECOMMENDED
> for use with PowerSDR are:
> M Audio Delta 44 (or 66).  4 (6) mono channels in and out, PCI bus with
> external connector pod ($139 on the web).  24bit/96kHz.  This is made by M
> Audio, who is owned by Avid.  Avid is THE premier film and video editing
> company, we bought their broadcast systems by the millions of dollars.  I
> would expect their product to be first-rate.  spec Dynamic range is 99db
> (A/D) & 103db (D/A), freq response claimed 22Hz-40kHz (96kHz sampling).
> We should come up with different card "suggestions" for different price
> ranges.  If someone wants to spend up to $50, here are the cards and their
> specs.  Between $50 and $100, here is another group.  Between $100 and $150,
> a third group.  And above $150 as a fourth group, as an example of how to
> break down cost vs performance.
> While I don't beleive the reviewers or the card manucafturer specs (at least
> for what we want to see), I do believe we can find fairly low-cost cards
> that do a much better job than the older 16-bit, 48kHz sound cards.
> I suggest we make a list of cards, divide up that list, and purchase and
> test these various options.  If a "standard lab" can be created, I wouldn't
> mind purchasing a couple cards myself, and shipping them up to the lab for
> testing.  Frank: could you, George, and possibly Steve Dove put together a
> lab?  I will be glad to help as I can.  If we can document what the lab
> testing consistes of, and I can duplicate it here, I can help with testing
> as well.
> More later.
> Terry
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