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Terry et el:

I find the discussion on this reflector about pc-based sound cards and the 
application in SDR to be a bit of history in the remaking.  For about six or 
so years this same topic has been thrashed around on the LINRAD and related 
reflectors.  There is an incredible amount of information, some empirical, 
some laboratory based, on the Delta44 and other cards being used by 
experimenters for SDR.  I'd recommend starting here 
and reading some of the work Lief and others have done in this ongoing 
search for the "perfect" sound card for SDR applications.

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>I think there are several programs out there to help with analysis.  I 
> the one that was used to check SB LIve 24 vs Delta 44 is readily 
> available.
> I can do more research if you need it.
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